This is becoming clearer for the Lite version of the Xiaomi Mi 11

by Kelvin
xiaomi mi 11

Every year, Xiaomi offers affordable versions of its smartphones top of the line. And normally, there will be no exceptions in 2021.

In December, Xiaomi presented the Mi 11 in China. This is one of the smartphones premium brand for 2021, and also the first device to use the Snapdragon 888 processor.

We are still waiting for the Mi 11 Pro, and the Mi 11 Lite

But normally, the manufacturer should also present the Mi 11 Pro, as well as the Mi 11 Lite. And although no official information has yet been shared by the brand, rumors about these two models are starting to circulate on the web.

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We have already mentioned the Mi 11 Pro in a previous article. And today, we were relaying a post from the XDA site on the Mi 11 Lite.

Our colleagues indicate that they have discovered that a new model, bearing the number M2101K9AG, has been certified by the American telecommunications regulator, the FCC. And by cross-checking with other sources, the site believes that it is indeed the Mi 11 Lite.

XDA also indicates that this model will be equipped with a 4,150 mAh battery, compatible with fast charging at 33W. The RAM memory would be 6 GB. And the storage would be 64 GB or 128 GB. Rumors would also suggest that the Mi 11 Lite would not be a 5G smartphone, and that it could use a Snapdragon 730, 730G or 732. In all cases, it would be a processor for smartphones midrange.

Moreover, it is possible that, in some countries, the Mi 11 Lite is marketed under another company brand: Poco.

A long-awaited global presentation by Xiaomi fans

But of course, at the moment, these are just rumors. And therefore, everything is still to be considered with extreme caution.

It is possible that we will know more about the Mi 11 series when Xiaomi makes the global presentation of its new smartphones premium. Indeed, for the moment, Xiaomi has only presented the Mi 11 (but not the Mi 11 Pro or the Mi 11 Lite) in China. Another presentation, addressed to the rest of the world, should allow us to know the prices and availability dates in Europe.

We will also know how Xiaomi plans to deal with the charger issue. In the Middle Kingdom, the brand followed in the footsteps ofApple by reducing the amount of electronic waste generated by its devices.

However, Xiaomi has given users a choice. There is a version of the Mi 11 delivered without the charger, and another β€œbundle” version which is delivered with the accessory. And the price is the same.

Currently, rumors suggest that Samsung could also take inspiration fromApple. In any case, the Korean giant has already withdrawn the publication on Facebook in which he made fun of the absence of a charger in the packaging of the iPhone 12.