This is Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall, a new mobile title from the popular series that you can now download on Android

by Kelvin

The world of video games is moving towards the most important year, ahead of its arrival great sagas and titles to Android and iOS devices. In recent days, some of the most anticipated games have been released, such as GWENT, The Witcher card game, or GREY, one of the most awarded indie video games. Now it's your turn to Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall, the new mobile title of the popular series that you can now download on Android.

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall is a turn-based strategy game based on the successful HBO series, which aired its last episode almost a year ago. Developed by Behavior Interactive, creator Dead by noon – coming to Android this spring, – this new mobile title occurred 48 years before the events of this series and combining cinematic sequences to tell a story and a turn-based battle to get it going.


Forty-eight years before the events that appeared in the Game of Thrones series, Lord Commander Brynden Ríos was also known as Blood Crows, was lost in an expedition beyond the Wall. Your time has come: lead the Night's Watch"Read the description of the game on Google Play. Here we cover everything you need to know about Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall, a great debut for Android and iOS devices This week.

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall can be downloaded for free for Android

This game invites you to lead the Night Clock a truly original Game of Thrones story, where you can use the power of weirwoods to get different hero versions of this series, such as Jon Snow, Melisandre, Jaime Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen or Tormund Matagigantes. Characters, as is common in this type of game, have a unique ability for tactical combat. To exploring beyond the Wall Ravens can be sent to different locations to unlock and improve items, tactics, attributes and the ability to enhance your Night's Watch.

In the same way, it's possible too exploring the Enchanted Forest and develop your ancestors' knowledge of arcian attacks, leader of the battlefields and leader of the must-see warriors facing the danger of the Agualechosa river and train your own Watches and send your recruits with special abilities to special expeditions in search of unusual resources. You can too participate in a special legend event to recruit familiar faces and fill your codex with power, and defend the Wall from the frequent attacks of wild men and protect the human kingdom.

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Instead, you should too discover the past three-eyed raven, among other dark mysteries outside the Wall to be solved. Campaign mode lets you discover new characters from the story, such as the first explorer of Alvar Spyre or Mayla, the Forest Witch. In your mission to lead the Night's Watch, you must recruit famous characters to help you protect the male kingdom Various game modes: Crossbowmen of the Western Lands, King's Landing Fighters, Dorne's Lancers, and Exotic Fighters from the Free City.

A turn-based strategy game with a touch of role based Game of Thrones

Instead, to master the battlefield, you must collect it favorite character among the dozens of possible combinations, fighting in a classic grid battle system that is optimized for mobile devices and strategically and adversely defeating your enemies a large number of special abilities, from the vicious allegations of the storm fort to the Dracarys fire dragon.

Some battles took place on the grid board, in which players must deploy their troops and then order attacks, as we have called them, in turn. In addition, it also has a touch of role, because in every game you can experience and stuff to enhance the game element. Keep in mind that Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall can download and play for free but, as is common in this type of game, it has a network of in-app purchases.

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