This is how Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize productivity

by Kelvin
This is how Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize productivity

Digital technologies based on artificial intelligence can allow broader segments of the labor market to improve their productivity and have access to better paid jobs

The International Labor Organization (ILO) He pointed out that there is no doubt that artificial intelligence will play an important role in the future of the world of work; Proof of this are driverless vehicles, algorithmic trading of stock markets and computer-assisted medical diagnostics.


He mentioned that rapid progress has the potential to create new opportunities, increase productivity levels and generate greater profits, but there is also the fear that they may cause loss of jobs and increasing inequalities, with a few lucky people appropriating the benefits, while others are left behind.

He commented that, according to research by specialists, digital technologies based on artificial intelligence can allow broader segments of the labor market to improve their productivity and have access to better paid jobs, which, in turn, can contribute to promoting inclusive growth

It is worth remembering, he added, that historically productivity and living standards have increased thanks to specialization and that machines perform the most tedious, arduous and routine tasks.

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Artificial intelligence will reduce the use of screens

An example of this are the modern farmers who have sophisticated machinery and certainly enjoy better conditions and are more productive than they would be if they used hand tools to plow their land, he said.

The large reduction in capital costs caused by artificial intelligence applications, together with the fact that the direction of technological change is, at least in part, guided by the relative supply of low-skilled workers compared to highly skilled workers, means that developing countries could benefit from this progress.

In many cases, users of this technology do not need to know much about how this process works, or introduce sophisticated data into the devices they use.

Rather, he said, their daily use will allow tools based on artificial intelligence provide advice on global best practices combined with local circumstances.

This allows low barriers to the dissemination of these new technologies and that training and education focus on essential reading, writing and numerical skills, which means that even countries that lack the resources to produce artificial intelligence applications can Making extensive use of these and thus generates great benefits to the growth potential.

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The value of the data has an important contribution to determine key factors in the development of proposals.

However, he continued, if the opportunities are to overcome the risks, the policies must be adjusted, both nationally and internationally, since, with the rapid evolution of technologies, it is necessary that education and training go far beyond school years, so that workers can train or recycle professionally when necessary throughout their careers.

The ILO stressed that lifelong learning must become a reality for the world of work can benefit from these new technologies, now and in the future.


So professional competence policies are indispensable, but not sufficient, he said.

The organization stated that it is necessary to guarantee the dissemination of new technologies throughout the world and allow access to data. Decision makers and social partners must also ensure that certain companies fail to dominate the market and thus exclude others.

He considered that the increase observed in market concentration among the digital companies This is a matter of concern and decisive measures must be taken, such as the formulation of fiscal policies that establish conditions of equality between companies, promote international cooperation and guarantee social dialogue, in order to allow new technologies and their benefits to be shared with greater efficiency

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