This is how Elon Musk and Tesla view driverless taxis in 2020

by Kelvin
This is how Elon Musk and Tesla view driverless taxis in 2020

Elon Musk, president of Tesla, expects that in 2020 taxis without drivers can be seen on the streets and in 2 years they see cars without steering wheel or pedals

The executive president of Tesla, Elon muskhe said the taxis without human drivers they will be available in some markets next year thanks to exponential improvements in technology.

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"Probably, in two years we will make a car without steering wheels or pedals," he predicted, although he acknowledged that he has often not met deadlines and that his presentation on Monday began 30 minutes late.

Musk also presented on Monday a microchip for vehicles that are driven alone that Tesla hopes will offer him an advantage over his rivals and convinces investors that his investment in autonomy will pay off.

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The presentation is given two days before Tesla reports what is expected to be a quarterly loss for less deliveries of his sedan Model 3, with which the company seeks to become a large volume car manufacturer.

Global automakers, large technology companies and innovative ventures are developing autonomous driving – as Waymo of Alphabet Inc and Uber Technologies Inc-, but experts believe it will be years before the systems are ready for deployment.

Musk pointed to shorter terms.


β€œThe fundamental message that consumers should receive today: is that it is financial madness to buy something other than a Tesla. It's like buying a horse, ”he said it was the only company that had a complete set of autonomous driving hardware.

All Tesla that are produced today have the chip and the company is halfway through the next generation chip design process, which would be approximately three times better than the current one, Musk said.

Investors did not seem excited by the announcement of the chip, but the stock rose slightly after the announcement of the robotics.

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