This is how Memoji stickers look on WhatsApp for iPhone

This is how Memoji stickers look on WhatsApp for iPhone 1

WhatsApp and iPhone always have a special relationship, just like the camera Instagram Get along with the device Apple. After integrating the unlock via Face ID on the latest mobile phones, totally exclusive features will now come to the next version of WhatsApp for iPhone. This is a customizable Memoji style sticker Apple, who uses a cell phone camera to give expression.

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The person responsible for confirming this rumor is the WABetaInfo website, which has been able to test the latest available beta applications, where this feature has been activated.

How do the new Memoji stickers work on WhatsApp?

Memoji of Apple They are not the first generation of animated faces, they are now much more realistic uses. ID The face of the iPhone, but it seems that this Memoji will not be integrated into WhatsApp. For everything the screenshot shows, this seems new special stickers With our facial expressions, they will be eligible for WhatsApp.

However, the interface will be very similar to what we can find now in the stickers section and this new customizable Memoji can use the TrueDepth camera that carries the iPhone on the front to receive The expression matches our face.

This is a phone that is compatible with Memoji stickers

This new WhatsApp sticker will be exclusive, at least temporarily, for iPhone and iPad (if the arrival of WhatsApp for this tablet is confirmed). Only iPhone with ID Faces function that can use it, such as iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. This function will also be available. for the new iPhone which will be presented this year, which will arrive on September 10 and can show this function in a stable way.

This is not the only change that WhatsApp made in the latest beta version for the device Apple. One of the subtle changes you've made is adding text. WhatsApp's Facebook In the application menu, make it clear that WhatsApp is a corporate application and is trying to improve its image Facebook Follow all the problems that social networks have.

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