This is how the locator and glasses will work Apple

by Kelvin
This is how the locator and glasses will work Apple

They could be the surprises of the next presentation on September 10. We take it for granted that we will see the new iPhone and a new generation of Apple Watch without great news except new materials such as Titanium and Ceramics. But in recent days new rumors have been added about two new products: a locator and the Augmented Reality glasses of Apple.


The locator (Apple Tag?) Will be used to place it on any item that can be lost (a backpack, keys, wallet, a child?) And be able to locate it at any time. Augmented Reality glasses could be the big bomb of the year. How would these products work? We see it below.

A perfect offline locator

The locator would be a product very similar to those already offered by Tile. A small circular device, white, with the logo of Apple in the center, which would have NFC and Bluetooth LE connectivity, some type of battery or battery, a speaker to be able to emit sound and thus find it when we are close, and a reduced version of iOS inside to work.

But the most surprising will be its operation. This tiny device can be placed on any element and It can be located from anywhere, without having internet connectivity in itself. How will do? Just as the other day we explained that the location of the iPhone works when it has no coverage in iOS 13.

This is how the locator and glasses will work Apple 1

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It will connect via Bluetooth to any device Apple that is close, of anyone who passes by, and that device will be the one that offers its internet connection so that you can locate it from anywhere in the world, no matter how far you are. All this you can do from the "Search" application that will arrive with iOS 13. There will be a new tab, “Items” (articles) where you can see all the belongings you have marked with this locator.

Associating these locators with your iCloud account will be as simple as pairing your AirPods or HomePod, bringing your phone closer. With this gesture, anyone who finds it will see on its screen a message with the name and contact details of the owner. If the locator is in lost mode, this gesture will not be necessary, since when someone with a product of Apple be close you will receive a message alerting of the lost product and showing the contact details.

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Not only this, We can also see our locators using Augmented Reality, with the camera of our iPhone, something that of course will also be available with the glasses of Apple, which we could also see in this presentation and that we will now detail.

Augmented Reality Glasses

Apple You could also present your AR glasses, although it is still questioned by most people with close contacts with the company. There has even been talk of a device similar to the classic Virtual Reality glasses We already know. Perhaps the first approximation of Apple to Augmented Reality with an accessory that makes use of a device like the iPhone and its new triple camera. There is nothing clear about it.

What is known by internal tests that Apple has been performing, is that there will be applications that are prepared for “Stereo AR” (Stereo Augmented Reality) and that can work in two different modes: When we have the device in hand (iPhone) and when we have it placed on the face with the help of another accessory. Some applications already prepared for Stereo AR are Maps, Search and a new AR Quicklook call that will work with web content.

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