This is how you can have Android inside your Android thanks to VMOS

by Kelvin
Así es como puedes tener Android dentro de tu Android gracias a VMOS

If you are reading these lines, it is because you like Android as an operating system. But if we told you that you can have double ration of Android on your phone, what would you think? If you like the world of technology in general, you probably know what a virtual machine is and you may even have used it on more than one occasion on your computer. Basically, a virtual machine allows you to have an operating system within another operating system, ideal for testing or having different spaces in a device. Well, thanks to VMOS, we can do the same on our Android.

Our smartphone is a very powerful small computer. Of course, we are limited by the applications that we can download. Luckily, there are developers with so much imagination and potential that have managed to install an operating system inside another thanks to an application, VMOS, a virtual machine that allows us to have another version of Android running under the Android version of our phone. It is free and you can try it with Android 5.0 Lollipop or later.


VMOS helps us to have Android within Android

The use of VMOS is extremely simple and its use is as intuitive as any other application is. First, we must install the application from Google Play. Installation is automatic, like any other application in the store. Once installed, we open it and it will indicate a few features of this virtual machine, in addition to requesting some sensitive permissions (but which are supposed to be to guarantee the correct operation of the machine).

VMOS Virtual Android on Android-Double Your System

Once this is done, we will proceed to download the operating system in question: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, a fairly old version, but that nIt brings you good memories and will be more than enough for the use we can give to this VMOS virtual machine (Virtual Machine Operative System). After downloading (slightly less than 300 MB), the installation and the first boot of the operating system will begin. All this takes less than 10 minutes if we have a powerful Android phone.

This is how you can have Android inside your Android thanks to VMOS 1

Once started, we will see Android 5.1.1 Lollipop run on our current phone. To navigate through it, we will use the on-screen buttons that appear. From now on, whatever task we do, we will be doing it in the virtual machine, even controlling the volume. Speaking of volume, how weird it makes us see the Slider at the top with the three notification priority options.

What advantages does VMOS have? Well, it is a pre-rooted operating system. To activate the ROOT accessor we will only have to enter the developer settings and activate the option that says ROOT. In this way, we can install some applications that make use of superuser permissions, such as the Xposed Framework, for example. It goes without saying that anything we do in this virtual machine will not affect our real phone. Like the downloaded files will not remain in the memory of our phone.

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If we want to stop using VMOS, we can minimize the operating system, use it in Picture in Picture and control some of the options from a floating interface button. VMOS offers us the full Android experience: we can install applications, games, make use of Google Play … whatever, but always from a virtual environment, not from our own phone.

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