This is Netflix's tough competitor (and Apple TV +)

by Kelvin
This is Netflix's tough competitor (and Apple TV +)

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Disney announced a few months ago the launch of Disney +, your own streaming platform. One more competitor for Netflix, HBO, Amazon or Apple TV + The company launches this platform at the end of this year, while in most markets it has to wait until 2020, but we have already been able to try this service of the firm.

Disney + is presented as a platform of interest for many users, especially when owning Marvel and Star Wars. It will arrive with a good catalog of series, films and documentaries on the market. Further, Its price is just 6.99 euros per month, with a free trial included, which makes it much more attractive.


We leave you with our user experience with the web version of this streaming platform. Remember that it is also launched as an application on Android and iOS. So it will be very easy to access this service regardless of the device you use. Although with the same account you can use it on all devices in a simple way.

Disney + interface

The Disney + interface stands out for its ease of use, since it is very clear and intuitive. The website is divided into five main sections: Home, search, series, movies and Watchlist (Playlist or playlist). So moving on the web will be very simple at all times and finding the content we want to see is not going to present problems for anyone.

On the home page we already find all categories and different contents They are offered in it. We can choose to see the contents depending on the factory (Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, etc.), but they are also organized into categories, such as popular movies, classics, documentaries, musicals or Disney Channel series. Finding such content is something simple and to watch a movie or know more about it, just click on it.

Each series, movie or documentary It has its own profile on Disney +. It offers information about this content, a small synopsis, its reproduction is allowed, or added to the playlist and we can also access extra content, such as deleted scenes or a trailer. In this web version the possibility of downloading content is not shown at the moment. We do not know if it is something temporary, or if you can only download something from the app on Android and iOS.

A fluid service with a good browsing experience


Despite the large amount of content we found in Disney +, The experience of use is fluid at all times. The contents load quickly when you enter the profile, also the reproduction of a movie works perfectly. It just takes time to load and we can move easily throughout the reproduction of it, without having to wait for that scene to load, it will be displayed immediately.

If we want to search for content, the experience is still fluid and fast, it takes nothing to find content on the web. A good job has been done in this regard, providing a good user experience for all, allowing a website with a lot of content, but that works quickly and does not seem to affect the operation of the browser.

Content Playback

Playback window

Playback window


When we want to watch a movie or series on Disney +, the reproduction of these contents is very simple and easy to handle. In the profile of each content we have the play button, to then enter the screen of the same. Playback controls are very simple. There are two buttons that are displayed in the center of the screen that allow us to advance or rewind 10 seconds in playback. In addition to being able to move in the playback bar to jump at any time in the said movie without any problem.

The contents are offered in several languages. Within the reproduction itself we can modify the language in which it is spoken, in addition to adding subtitles. For now, most content can be viewed in English (its original version), although it is common for the audio to be put in Spanish, French and German and in children's content, this list is extended with others such as Dutch or Italian. As for subtitles we have several languages: Spanish (Spain and Latin America), English, German, French, Italian and Dutch.

Play list.

Play list.


Normally, Disney + will increase this selection of languages as it is launched in other markets. But for its launch it covers the most spoken languages, in addition to Dutch, a market in which it has already been officially launched in the testing phase. If we want to change the language or add these subtitles, just click on the upper right button, which is the same icon that we have in YouTube to add them

If we are watching some content on Disney + and we have to leave, when we want to see it again, the moment you stopped will be remembered, to be able to continue seeing everything at the same time, without missing anything or having to look for that moment again. This happens regardless of the device. You can be watching something on your phone and resume playback later on your computer without any problem.

Disney catalog +


Disney + knows that one of its great weapons is his catalog of movies, series and documentaries. It reaches the market with a catalog that is already quite extensive, with a good mix of content for all audiences. Since we find sagas movies of enormous popularity like Marvel and Star Wars. There are also a lot of classic Disney movies, musicals, Disney Channel series, Pixar movies and much more. To these contents we must add a large selection of Natural Geographic documentaries.


All the contents in the Disney + catalog are divided into categories, so it is very easy to find them. They can be seen on the home page, but we have we can also use the option to search, or go to the tabs of movies or series. There are therefore several ways to access these contents on the platform, all of them very easy to use and that hardly take time.

The catalog will be expanded over time. For months it was confirmed that new series and films will be coming exclusively to the platform, many of them within the universe Marvel. In addition there are plans to also integrate content from Hulu, which has been acquired by Disney as well. This allows this catalog that is in Disney + to be expanded constantly over the months. So it will help many decide to keep or get an account in it.


Profiles and accounts.

Profiles and accounts.


The same Disney + account gives the possibility to create different profiles, so two people can access the account on different devices, using the same email account, but each using their profile. Thus, each one can see the contents that are of interest in this streaming platform. The functions are all available at all times and what is done is synchronized between devices.

Therefore, you can see something on your mobile and then enter your profile on the computer and resume that reproduction. Or see on the computer the contents that you have added to your playlist from your mobile. The possibility of using several profiles makes be ideal for sharing an account, enjoying its functions, for only 6.99 euros per month.

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