Either because WhatsApp has become an omnipresent form of communication and you have all your family, personal and work contacts in the same application, or because you simply get lost among your long list of links, you should have some organization. At the moment the messaging application does not allow creating contact categories. Or group them in different sections to find them comfortably. Everything remains on a huge alphabetical list that, the more it grows, the harder it is to manage. But don't worry because there are resources to organize and search contacts in WhatsApp. Here we tell you.


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Since WhatsApp does not allow us to edit the information of our contacts, the trick is to modify the agenda of our mobile. That is, we create our own system of classification of contacts around keywords. Enough so that we can then do a more concrete search on WhatsApp without remembering the full name of that person. As easy as adding a third last name to a contact: Fulanito García (Family), for example.

Creating contact categories

The idea is that we go through the contact list of our mobile. The agenda, go. Here we must go editing contact names of those people that interest us to group or categorize. For example, we can add a parenthesis after the name, without complicating our lives by filling in other contact fields. Of course, you will have to remember this parenthesis and use it the same for a whole group of people. You can do it with your family contacts, adding the parenthesis “(family)”, or specify even more with terms like "cousins", "uncles", etc. Remember that the idea is to group them around a keyword.

WhatsApp and contact categories

To do this, enter the terminal's agenda. Here you must search by name the contact in question. Then click on the three dots or the pencil icon to Edit Contact information. With this you can modify the name, number or other information of that person. As we say, the ideal is to add a parenthesis after the name. Enough for WhatsApp to recognize it.

This technique is also especially practical with work contacts and leagues. Thanks to this parenthesis you can create categories such as "call now", "important", "link", or any other that will help you later find them and remember what you can do with them. So you will not waste time reviewing conversations and messages You just have to be a little proactive and create these general categories to apply to several contacts at once.

Using the categories in WhatsApp

Now comes the practical. Surely you know the research tool of WhatsApp contacts. What you did not know is that, thanks to the categorization that you have made of your agenda, you can now find them more quickly thanks to this function.

How to search contacts on WhatsApp

Just enter WhatsApp and click on the magnifying glass icon. Here you will have to enter the parenthesis keyword that you've added to the contact names With you writing several letters of that word WhatsApp will already show you related results. In this way, the contacts you have “surnamed” with that term will appear first. Available to start a conversation, a video call or whatever is provided. And without needing to know his name.

It is important that you be conscientious or conscientious when categorizing contacts. And that don't make mistakes when you write the parentheses in the agenda information. If it is not impossible for you to recover this contact from the WhatsApp search.

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