This is the date on which the Samsung Galaxy Fold will go on sale

by Kelvin
Esta es la fecha en la que el Samsung Galaxy Fold se pondrá a la venta

We started to be a little tired already talking about Samsung Galaxy Fold. We have been waiting for this phone for 6 months for sale, since in April, a series of problems forced the brand to delay its arrival on the market. Many months later and many news, rumors and leaks later, September seems to be the final month in which Samsung's first folding phone will hit the market. As we told you yesterday, we expected September 6 to be the chosen date, although it will not be so.

In the world of technology, there are a number of users who are dedicated to filtering exclusive information that shows us what brands plan. Among them, there are those who have a better reputation than others. Evan Blass, also known as EvLeaks is one of those who have gained the most fame thanks to its always confirmed leaks. Just a few minutes ago, he posted a tweet with a date, the sale of Samsung Galaxy Fold.


Write on your calendar: the Samsung Galaxy Fold day 27 arrives

We already told you a couple of weeks ago that Samsung Galaxy Fold It was expected to arrive during the third week of September. Subsequently, some rumors pointed to the 6th of the same month, but eventually it will not be. Maybe on day 6 be chosen by the brand to officially announce the date of arrival to the market, but today Evan Blass has leaked the long-awaited date: September 27. Some new rumors have emerged about this device, about a new version with a lower price, something that would help improve your sales after this delay.

If this is true, on the 27th of this month, the Samsung Galaxy Fold It will finally go on sale and you may do so with a cheaper version than the almost 2,000 euros / initial dollars. It is not known at what price it would arrive, but it seems that Samsung has also prepared a 256 GB version of internal storage, so it could have a price close to 1,800 euros / dollars, for example.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

For now, We remind you of the improvements that Samsung has implemented in this foldable phone, which will supposedly avoid the problems that caused its delay to market:

  • The protective layer is now better fitted to the bezels
  • Improvement in the distance of the hinges so that no dirt enters
  • More metal layers have been included under the screen to reinforce it

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