This is the futuristic wireless charging base that Xiaomi has presented with Mi Charge Turbo

by Kelvin
This is the futuristic wireless charging base that Xiaomi has presented with Mi Charge Turbo

Although the protagonist of the day is the new Mi Charge Turbo technology capable of wirelessly charging up to a power of up to 30WXiaomi has presented several gadgets as amazing as this new charging base that probably when you see its operation on video will leave you with your mouth open.

Remember that My Charge Turbo is capable of charge a full 4,000mAh battery in just 69 minutes, as well as in just 25 minutes get 50% charge on it. A breakthrough that is slowly turning wireless charging technology into the real alternative to charging by conventional cable.


Two new charging bases with up to 30W of power

In addition to the Mi Charge Turbo technology, Xiaomi introduced two new charging bases with which to take advantage of the great potential of this type of wireless charging. Specifically, the first model that we can see under these lines does not go beyond the design of a simple charging dock with enough power to reach the promised 30W.

New 30W charging base.

The great novelty is given by the futuristic charging base that we can see in the following video, where in addition to taking advantage of Mi Charge Turbo technology, we can charge more than one device simultaneously, either a smartphone or any other gadget with wireless charging.

Probably the most striking of this new charging base, beyond its ability to simultaneously load several devices, is its animation. And it is that as seen in the video, regardless of where the smartphone is placed a small light will travel across the surface until “reaching” the device to charge it.

Undoubtedly a very futuristic bet but that is still useful if we want to have several devices with wireless charging. By the way … have you noticed that the smartphone in the video is the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G?

Source | YouTube