Gmail, Google Drive and even Google Assistant have already made the leap to the dark side. In the dark mode, I mean. That type of style that is transforming into something more than a fashion and that polarizes the design that we have always enjoyed the applications and menus in our mobiles. Now is your own Google Play Store, the Google app store, the one begins to show a new, more contrasted look, more efficient and, above all, more comfortable when viewing it on the screen of our mobile. The Google Play Store It becomes dark.


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It does, at least, for those who have updated this app store to their version 16.7.21. Something you can check directly from the Settings menu of this tool. Of course, as usual, Google releases this update from its servers. You can install the latest version of Google Play Store through the APKMirror repository, but this won't make you run into dark mode before. The change depends solely on Google's servers, and is being launched progressively. So be patient. In addition, it is necessary that you have Android 10 installed on your mobile and the Dark Mode function active on it.

Google Play Store

As expected, this dark mode changes the white background of the store Google Play Store For a dark gray. He change is resounding, but the experience remains the same. The texts now appear blank, and that Material Theme philosophy is maintained to exclude all kinds of lines, buttons and marks that are not necessary. That is, all elements such as application names, section labels or icons appear directly on the almost black dark gray background. There are no additions or changes when it comes to dark mode.

Even so, this change is still surprising. It is easy to feel something really new when the experience remains the same. And it is that the contrast that adds changing the bright and clean white for the efficient and elegant black, makes things look different. Specifically, of a more comfortable for vision. No glare when you look at the screen in a dark environment, or with brightness from white pixels that make your eyelids narrow.

In addition, you will know that the dark mode promises to improve the efficiency of your mobile. That is, try to hurry your battery charge a little longer. Less brightness, less intensity and more responsible consumption of your mobile panel. Although this will only be enjoyed by those who have a panel with OLED technology. So the part of the dark mode falls, above all, on comfort when browsing these contents, although with some impact on the battery.

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