This is the new Wiha electric screwdriver that Xiaomi has put on sale at Youpin

by Kelvin
This is the new Wiha electric screwdriver that Xiaomi has put on sale at Youpin

Under its own crowdfunding platform, Xiaomi has put on sale a brand new electric screwdriver Wiha. A renowned German manufacturer who in this case offers us a high quality work tool, with sufficient autonomy to screw / unscrew about 120 times.

Specifically, this new electric screwdriver has a size of 168x36x36mm, adopting high quality materials as your ergonomically shaped handle which thanks to its eight sides guarantees a firm grip when making pressure when screwing.


In its own handle we find a total of three buttons with which we can adjust the power of torque or manual use, as well as its screwed or unscrewed function, a status indicator light and a small LED which will give us enough lighting to access those less visible areas.

Inside, in addition to a powerful magnetic motor we find a battery of 1,500mAh able to guarantee about 120 uses. A port is used for loading USB type C and we will need a total of 1.5 hours to fully charge your battery.

One of its most interesting features is its smart screwing system, able to protect its internal motor, avoiding the overstrain of this against inappropriate uses such as the simple fact of using it for a long time by tightening a screw more than it should.

An electric screwdriver is supplied with a removable extension rod with which we can access reduced recesses thanks to its length of 10.5cm. In addition, a total of 8 magnetic tips of various formats.

New Xiaomi electric screwdriver in Youpin. Xiaomi Addicted News

Price and availability

Although for now, these products are only accessible to purchase from China, it is very likely that in the next few days we will see it for sale in AliExpress stores such as My YouPin Store. Its price is of 199 yuan, some 25 euros to change ($ 28).

Source | Youpin

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