This is the robot that Russia has sent to space, capable of firing weapons

by Kelvin
robot ruso

The United States and Japan have already sent robots into space in the past, and now it is Russia that joins the adventure. The United States did it in 2011 with the objective of working in high-risk environments, and returned to Earth last year after suffering technical problems.

The Russian one is a life-size humanoid robot called Fedor, and can fire guns, as seen in the second 45 of the video below.


On Thursday of this week he began his trip to the International Space Station, taking off from the Russian cosmodrome Baikonur aboard a Soyuz rocket. During the launch he always had a small Russian flag in his hand, and he was repeating "Come on, come on", imitating what Yuri Gagarin said when he traveled to space so many years ago.

Fedor will arrive at the Station on Saturday, and there will be two weeks learning several tasks, as if it were a human astronaut. You will learn to connect and disconnect electrical cables, to use a screwdriver, a wrench, a fire extinguisher and other tools, but for now they have not said what the firearms will be for.

They comment on the BBC that the idea is to use Fedor for operations especially dangerous for humans aboard spacecraft and in outer space, so it is very possible that in a short time he will begin to take spacewalks, arrange ships outside or participate in space missions like in the movies.

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