This is the under-screen camera technology Huawei has prepared …

This is the under-screen camera technology Huawei has prepared ... 1

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In just a few days we will discover the new Huawei Mate 30 for the high-end of which we already know many details. But now, new information from LetsGoDigital shows us that Huawei can work on cell phones with camera technology under the screen so as not to give up millimeters from the usable front.

As collected from the aforementioned media, Huawei is the first manufacturer smartphones that's forpresented by a hollow room for the front camera of your cell phone and do it with a Huawei Nova 4 and then we see it in Honor View 20, although this is now a general trend. But beyond the holes in the screen, Huawei is already working on a camera system under the screen so that the front is not lost and it will go without position and without holes.


In early 2018, Huawei has filed a patent application at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) for camera phones under the screen. The album was released on August 29, 2019 and includes a very complete description and a series of sketches that will make us see what this technology looks like with a partially transparent panel on the top so that the selfie camera can take photos and videos without alter its quality.

At the top, where it is generally used to store battery, range or connection icons such as Bluetooth or alarm icons, we will have a partially transparent screen part where the sensor and the camera flash will be, but also the corresponding LED indicators and all sensors. We cannot see the camera unless it is in use because a status bar icon will be displayed and we can adjust the screen transparency as needed at any time to provide more opacity or less opacity depending on the day.

If you use a selfie camera, this part of the screen becomes transparent and you can take high quality pictures without damaging it at all. When removed, everything returns to normal without bothering us at all. This technology will allow us to have truly unlimited screens. And throw away other types of selfie camera systems like notches, screen holes, or other innovative systems like the shark fin mode on an Oppo phone or the slider or retractable camera we've seen on Xiaomi.

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