Marvel It is a claim in almost every facet. If cinematic universe has become one of the most important successes of cinema, and everyone wants to join the car. Now, with the end of Avengers and the beginning of phase four of the MCU, the big brands want to take advantage of the grounds left by the superheroes in the cinema to look for synergies between their products and those of Marvel.

Samsung, OPPO … there are many mobile manufacturers that have used the image of the Avengers to reach a public fan that is in tune with their products. The last to arrive has been Xiaomi, and it is done by the hand of Iron Man. And it is not a mobile, but an electronic device I say Tony Stark himself: the company will launch a special edition of one of his drones with the image of Hombre de Hierro, wanting to take advantage of the pull that the Xiaomi Redmi K20 “Avengers Edition” launch already entailed.


This is a special edition of the Jellyfish Mini Aircraft branched with the colors of Iron Man, but beyond that it is a drone of small dimensions to control with the mobile of those The company usually sells in China from third parties. The drone arrives in dark red with gold accents with a rather impressive design, including a special Avengers case.

This is the Xiaomi drone ‘Iron Man’ special edition 1

The drone allows camera recording with a resolution of 2560 x 1440p It can be controlled with the mobile and buy for about 89 euros to change, since at the moment it is only available in China.