This Is Us: Season 6 script made NBC executives cry

by Kelvin
This Is Us: Season 6 script made NBC executives cry

The presentation of the scripts for the 6th and final season of This Is Us it made NBC executives cry. The event was revealed by the creator of the series, Dan Fogelman, during the Contenders Television: The Nominees.

When talking about the program’s closing process, Fogelman commented on the reaction of the station’s bosses when they first came across the script for the final year of the series.

“People were crying so much that I wasn’t sure if I should continue or not,” he said. the creator of This Is Us he also said that the meeting was being held through the Zoom platform. “The cameras were turning off and I thought I had lost people,” he added.


However, Fogelman admitted that the production has the power to cause great emotions for everyone involved, as even he cried when writing the show. “It’s the second time I’ve cried writing the show,” he said, admitting that he’d cried while writing the first episode of season 6.

O Contenders Television: The Nominees is an event promoted by the website deadline which brings together a series of TV show creators and writers to debate their creative processes.

This Is Us: series creator and cast regret last season

The 6th and last season of This Is Us was announced in May this year. Soon after the news was released, the production team regretted the ending of the series on their social networks.

“Whoever casually said ‘all good things must end’ never had to end with their favorite thing. While sad that there’s only 1 season left, I’m also grateful to NBC for letting us finish the show as and when we intended,” wrote Fogelman.

Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca on the series, used her account from Twitter to speak out. “Now it’s official. One season is missing from my favorite work. You can bet we’ll be absorbing every moment. BUT…We have a whole season to wrap things up the way it’s always been planned,” he wrote.

the last season of This Is Us It still doesn’t have a release date. However, the first 5 seasons of the show are available on Prime Video.

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