This is what happens when Jaen Desatranques and La Casa de Papel come together 1The Jaén Desatranques is a thing from another planet. The company, which in principle is dedicated to unblocking and cleaning pipes, has long since the sea of ​​tronchantes has been delighting us in social networks with infinite contents. Now he has peted with a new publication that has reported more than 20,000 likes.

This is a video that recreates the famous series The House of Paper, on the occasion of the premiere of the third season. A series, which by the way, has the record of being the most widely spoken non-English-speaking series on the platform worldwide. The fact is that, taking advantage of the great moment that La Casa de Papel lives, the Jaén Desatranques team has put to work to record a series of scenes in which the famous screwdrivers put their services and their art at the disposal of the brains of the robbery.


The objective? Steal the gold from the Bank of Spain and do it with a walkie-talkie, which is practically the only thing these professionals need to get down to work and help the robbers. Social networks have gone crazy with the new masterpiece of Desatranques Jaén. So much so that the fans of this company dedicated to something as mundane as the riots, have not taken in manifesting and praising their work on the networks.

This is not a robbery, it is a mess

The ingenuity of Jaén's company has no limits. In the last times, the company has presented its followers with photomontages, t-shirts and badges. Everything has been shared to satiety. In fact, fans of Desatranques Jaén are not only in their home province. It is difficult to find someone who is a shower in social networks and does not know these people, from the point of Spain that is.

In Twitter It has almost 60,000 followers. And the same in Facebook, where more than 4,000 people follow their wanderings. An amount of vertigo if you look at that Desatranques Jaén provides its services from its province, in a quite localist way. Until now.

Because if the success of these screwdrivers continues along the path of success, they may have to consider opening branches throughout the country. If they do their job as well as they entertain on social networks, surely they are a bet more than sure.

Even Netflix is ​​satisfied with the cameo

What do you think of Netflix all this assembly? Well it seems that it has worked like a charm, because after seeing the revelry organized by Desatranques Jaén, the producers of the series (together with Vancouver Media and Atresmedia) have not hesitated in return the mention with that joy that also characterizes the Netflix team and retweeting, of course, the assembly made by the screwdrivers.

In fact, and to liven up the party, Netflix has responded with some memes. In one of them appears Alba Flores, who embodies the character of Nairobi, giving encouragement to the troop of unlocking. He has also lent his logo, which is no small matter, which undoubtedly has given wings – and many – to the Jaén Desatranques team.

Users of social networks, and specifically of Twitter, have manifested themselves in the heart of this desert August (like all the August of the world), even for encourage the bosses of these companies to raise their salaries to their community managers, who are giving people a lot of joy.

In fact, some have even felt like watching the series after enjoying the assembly of Desenranques Jaén. Netflix will be happy with this achievement at zero cost.