This is what you get paid for Galaxy Note 8 to buy a Galaxy Note 10

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 y S Pen


We are only four days away for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus land in Spain. The presale of the device has been running for almost two weeks and there are many who are already looking forward to putting the glove on. If you are a Samsung owner Galaxy Note 8 and you are thinking of making the leap to the new generation, take a look as we have polled the main mobile purchase websites to find out how much can you get for your Galaxy Note 8 to buy the Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is still as fresh as the first day, in addition Samsung has maintained a good commitment to updates with the device and can work under the baton of Samsung's One Ui layer, as well as Galaxy S10, the Galaxy Note 9 or the new ones Galaxy Note 10. Now may be a good time to sell the Galaxy Note 8. Keep in mind that el Galaxy Note 10 is about to go on the market, and the price of Galaxy Note 9 will begin to fall in the coming months, which will also dominate the second-hand price of the Galaxy Note 8.

Price in Phone House

To know how much we can get for our Galaxy Note 8 we have surveyed the main used mobile purchase websites. Our first stop, as usual, has been in the “Removil” service of Phone House. Always taking into account that the terminal is used but works correctly (this is common to all websites) Phone House will pay us up to 235 euros for our Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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Galaxy Note  8 sale in Phone House

We buy it, MovilBank and CEX

When we go through “We Buy It” we see that we can get up to 227 euros for our Galaxy Note 8, that is, 8 euros less than what they offer us in Phone House. Movilbank's offer is even lower, since they buy us the Galaxy Note 8 for 201 euros. Even lower is the offer made to us at CEX, which 192 euros are currently paid for Galaxy Note 8 in good condition.

CEX Galaxy Note  8

Galaxy Note 8 sale in CEX

It has not been until we have gone through Zonzoo that we have found the best offer. On this purchase website they give us 246 euros for the Galaxy Note 8, as we say, provided it is in good condition with the original box and accessories. Apart from these options, we can always try to get some more money in the second-hand market between individuals, where we could easily get between 300 and 350 euros for our Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Galaxy Note  8 Zonzoo

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