This is why you need a foldable phone, according to Samsung.

This is why you need a foldable phone, according to Samsung.

Samsung is said to be finally planning to unveil its foldable cell phone Feb. 20. And now, senior vice president and head of visual R&D team Hark-sang Kim is making a case to buy one.

Flexpai Royole. Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Royole's Flexpai. Credit: Tom's Guide)

In a post on the Samsung website, Kim argued that the future smartphones And the design of the smartphone is on a bigger screen. He believes that to take full advantage of artificial intelligence, 5G, augmented reality, and other future technologies, a larger screen is required.


Realizing that, Kim wrote, Samsung has a choice. You need to find a way to build a smartphone with a screen big enough to use future technology without sacrificing quality, making it too difficult to transport.

"Rather than embracing the status quo, resolving the contradictions between screen size and portability and developing new form factors are the primary focus of our innovation efforts," wrote Kim.

Samsung actually launched a smartphone plan that can be folded at CES 2011. Since then, development has been hiding and progress has been hidden. At the Samsung Developer Conference in November, the company showcased its Infinity Flex Display, which will be used in the future. Galaxy F. However, it stopped showing the actual design.

Infinity Flex Display is a foldable phone that, when closed, is about the size of a standard smartphone. But when it is opened and the screen is fully stretched, it is the size of a tablet.

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Of course, Samsung is not the only company that works on folding phones. Huawei, LG, and others are also working on phones that may come with unique designs. But Samsung Galaxy F is possibly the most wanted, given the many rumors that have surrounded him for so long.

Kim writes that Samsung's new fold comes with "a new material that completely changes the anatomy of the smartphone's appearance." He added that screens can be folded "hundreds of thousands" times, but companies must "rethink the placement of batteries, cooling systems and cameras so that they can be placed on a slim body efficiently." Samsung also needs to create a new software experience to accommodate the screen.

Kim didn't say when the phone will launch or what it will look like, but all signs now indicate that it is open to the side. Galaxy S10 on February 20 But that could only be the beginning, if Kim could be trusted.

"We hope to see major changes in smartphone form factors in the coming years," wrote Kim. "From roll-up and extendable devices to devices that can be folded in various ways is no longer out of touch."

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