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by Kelvin
El Xiaomi Redmi 8A hace acto de presencia: así es su diseño real

So far Xiaomi has launched the Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro. We have already talked long and hard about these two devices, so we have to focus on what will come from now. Today TENAA has published the certification of Xiaomi Redmi 8A. This device could be presented as the most economical option of the new series. We have been seeing these terminals in stores for several years as one of the cheapest and basic options. They are mobile that They arrive with just enough to have a decent Android experience and perform the basic tasks of the operating system.

Xiaomi wants to renew the Redmi 7A and will do it with a new device of the new series. The features have not yet leaked, but hopefully they are nothing from the other world. Nor is its design, which has been completely filtered in TENAA. There is no doubt, it is the official design, as it has been certified by the Chinese agency.


This is the design of the new Xiaomi Redmi 8A

Currently in the store of Xiaomi the Redmi 7A it sells for 99 euros. East Redmi 8A It could arrive for a very similar or slightly higher price for being the new model. Its design will be quite similar to the Redmi 7A, since again it will be plastic, will include a single sensor in the back and we will not have a fingerprint sensor. It is a basic design focused on being able to offer an improvement in the internal components in this price range.

In the photographs of TENAA it is not appreciated correctly, but it seems that the new Redmi 8A will arrive with a notch on the screen. This is new, as the Redmi 7A features a traditional front with lifelong frames. It is a point in favor, because in the same size the company could reach 5.8 inches instead of 5.45 of Redmi 7A.

this is your real design 2

Within the basic Redmi design we can see a central strip that gives it a much more attractive touch. It is expected that do not arrive with USB C, although with a headphone jack.

Now that the Xiaomi Redmi 8A It has been certified we can expect it to be presented in the coming weeks. It will arrive first to China and maybe soon after to our market. The price and many of its features have not yet leaked, so wait.

Via | Slashleaks

Source | TENAA

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