This Samsung endurance test Galaxy A50 shows what it is capable of withstanding

by Kelvin
Galaxy  A50

Endurance tests of YouTube They allow us to get an idea of ​​how much our phone is capable of supporting. Although surely you will not bend, burn or scratch your mobile with the same intensity as these specialists, it will make you feel better and know that nothing will happen if you suffer a small friction or fall to the ground a short distance away. The youtuber specialist in “mistreating” phones is JerryRigEverything and today we bring a Samsung test Galaxy A50 who has undergone a hard test and this is able to withstand Samsung's phone.


Samsung resistance test Galaxy A50

One of the most interesting phones of this year for the mid-range is the Samsung Galaxy A50 and now has undergone JerryRigEverything tests. A video not suitable for sensitive if you do not like to see battered mobiles but it shows us that we have a rugged phone that does not surrender to the hard resistance test even if it is not high-end.

When scratching the phone, the Samsung Galaxy A50 It has survived well. The youtuber passes a cutter through the device and does not scratch until level 6 of intensity when the damage begins to be noticeable. You will never scratch your phone with a cutter so this helps us know that we will not suffer major problems if we keep it together with the keys, for example. The phone resists, in part, thanks to the Gorilla Glass 3 protection on its screen.

A50 Resistance

As for the fire, the Samsung Galaxy A50 also resists well. When you bring a lighter closer the terminal does not flinch for several seconds along with the fire on the screen. An outstanding in this section and also good note in the section of folded since the phone has survived well. Is a fairly flexible device and the screen is not damaged or the back of the smartphone is detached when we submit it to the folding test.

If you want a rugged phone, we now know that the Samsung Galaxy A50 will survive perfectly even if you don't take excessive care of your mobile. Of course, it is unnecessary to mistreat it in this way and it is always advisable to bet on a case and a screen protector. Although it is logical that we never bring a cigarette lighter to the mobile or try it at home, nor scratch it with a cutter. But without a doubt we are facing one of the toughest you can find in the current mid-range.

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