This Samsung smartphone is overrunning the competition

by Kelvin
This Samsung smartphone is overrunning the competition

Europeans love smartphones from Samsung, as new figures prove. The market leader sells considerably more mobile phones than the competition – in particular a model is torn Samsung from the hands. A manufacturer from China can also look forward to rising sales figures.

Samsung Galaxy A50: Smartphone sold 3.2 million times

Canalys market researchers have released new figures on the European mobile phone market, reflecting the second quarter of 2019. Accordingly, Samsung has made a significant leap forward compared to the same quarter last year: 40.6 percent of all smartphones sold come from the leader in South Korea, compared to 33.9 percent a year ago. Samsung brings more cell phones to the people than the direct competition from Huawei and Apple create together.


especially the Galaxy-A series from 2019 is well received by customers. The Galaxy A50 has sold a total of 3.2 million times between April and June – making it by far the cell phone king. The second place goes to South Korea: 2.2 million units of Samsung Galaxy A40 went over the counter in Germany and other European countries. In third place is Xiaomi with his Redmi Note 7, before going on with a Samsung phone again. Apple's iPhone XR has just made it into the top 5 with 1.8 million units sold.

Mobile phones from Samsung Galaxy-A series have sold a total of 12 million copies – that's more than the competition's entire mobile phone product range.

The Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Phones in Europe:

This Samsung smartphone is overrunning the competition 3 Samsung dominates the European mobile phone market. Picture: Canalys.

Samsung wins, Huawei and Apple weaken clearly

While at Samsung once again the champagne corks pop, is the competition of Huawei and Apple certainly not to celebrate. Both companies had to accept a clear minus for the European smartphone market in the second quarter of 2019. Huawei has sold instead of 10.1 million "only" 8.5 million mobile phones, the market share has shrunk from 22.8 to 18.8 percent.

The group remains in second place, but the difference to Samsung has become much larger. As a possible reason for the weakness Huawei could apply the trade dispute between the US and China. Customers might prefer to compete with Huawei's uncertain Android future.

All figures on the smartphone market in Europe in the overview:

This Samsung smartphone is overrunning the competition 4 Samsung and Xiaomi win, Huawei and Apple to lose. Picture: Canalys.

Also Apple has sold fewer smartphones in Europe than a year ago. Instead of 7.7, 6.4 million iPhones have gone over the counter, the market share has fallen from 17.0 to 14.1 percent. The difference to the fourth-placed manufacturer, Xiaomi, is now no longer a good 10 percent, but less than 5 percent.

Xiaomi is next to Samsung, the big winner, albeit on a much smaller scale. After all, sales of cell phones in Europe increased from 2.9 to 4.3 million units. Xiaomi is about to break the 10 percent mark in Europe for the first time.

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