This scientific calculator app is great for creating graphs

by Kelvin

The school classes have started several days ago and in the same way they are also starting classes at the university. Today we bring a very useful calculator application for those who need to represent graphs and tables of functions. A scientific calculator that is worth trying.

Mathematics is an essential part of our daily lives, although we don't always give them the prominence they deserve. If your studies have a minimum relationship with mathematics, you will surely need a calculator.

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An ideal scientific calculator to make graphs

Normally the mobile should not be your first option, since it is usually a source of distractions, something that we do not recommend when studying. However, it is an excellent plan B, and having a calculator application (or several, as it happens to me) never hurts, In case you forget your valuable tool at home.

Algeo is a scientific calculator application specialized in algebra. Without going into too many details, these are some of the most outstanding features offered by this application:

  • Symbolic differentiation
  • Definite Integrals
  • Taylor series calculation
  • Equation Resolution
  • Trigonometric and hyperbolic functions
  • Compatibility with radians and grades
  • Results History
  • Variables
  • Scientific notation
  • Horizontal mode support

One of the things that has caught my attention is the possibility of making tables and graphs of up to four functions, something that will help us to glimpse graphically how these functions oscillate, as well as to know the points of intersection, among many other uses .

Algeo is a free application, although it will show us ads at the top of the screen. We can deactivate these ads with a single payment of 2.79 euros, payment that will also give us access to the dark mode of the application.

Without a doubt, a great alternative for those who are in an intermediate level of mathematics and always need to carry a scientific calculator. For more powerful solutions we can always use Wolfram Alpha.

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