This streaming game app is so good that Samsung will use its technology

by Kelvin

This streaming game app is so good that Samsung will use its technology

Samsung has recently unveiled the arrival of Samsung PlayLink, a streaming game technology that would allow us to play PC games on Samsung Galaxy Note 10. However, this technology is not Samsung's own development, but of a small company called Parsec.

While Samsung's service seems to be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 10, Parsec technology is available to all users for free. Do you want to play PC games on your mobile? Well watch this application.


Samsung PlayGalaxy Link works with Parsec technology

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has been one of the brand's most risky releases. Although in some aspects they seem to have taken a step forward, the public will remember this mobile as the first Galaxy Note which renounces the headphone jack connection or the virtual reality of Samsung Gear VR.

However, Samsung in addition to hardware, has made improvements in software. For example, Samsung DeX in addition to operating on screens has become a PC application, and can be used in a Windows o Mac only by connecting a USB cable to the PC.

Another feature that has gone unnoticed is PlayGalaxy Link, a service of streaming that will allow us to play the games of our PC in the mobile, being necessary that both devices have a good connection.

This service will arrive in September, and as they count on TechCrunch it works with Parsec technology, a startup from New York specialized in gaming in streaming. In fact, this company already has a product that we can use for free.

Parsec is an excellent streaming game application that you can use on your mobile

Knowing the existence of Parsec, I have been running to install and test it. If a few days ago we told you how to play your PC games with the mobile phone with Steam Link, Parsec could be considered a rival application. download page.

One of the key pillars of Parsec is its low latency. The application itself tells us that we can use its technology streaming to share our screen with a friend and be able to play games with local multiplayer that do not have online, each one from home. If you have a Raspberry Pi at home, you can also use it to play on another home screen without having to move the PC.

Naturally, it also allows us to use your mobile application to play through streaming. Simply install the application on the PC and on our mobile, create an account and log in to both devices. courage to lose in discount time.

The experience of playing directly on mobile has been satisfactory. In fact, this article should have come out a while ago. I have been late writing it because Rocket League is played very well on the mobile, using the Play command. It worked well for both Wi-Fi and 4G, but be careful when using mobile data in your rate.

Of course, being an application not final, the experience may not be completely fluid.

This streaming game app is so good that Samsung will use its technology 2



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