This Super Mario Maker 2 Bug lets us see the most psychedelic Mario

by Kelvin
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The players of Super Mario Maker 2 have discovered something that we may have been slow to see, bugs that break the game. This one in particular changes the colors of the title, leaves "echoes" of the characters and lets us see more psychedelic levels.

Obviously this is not intended by Nintendo, it is simply the result of a very curious bug related, of course, with the level editor. Performing certain actions with some elements that should not be together ends up teleporting the character to another part of the map and then you can explore it with the "activated" bug. The truth is that it is better to see it than explain it so we will leave a couple of videos below.


This Super Mario Maker 2 Bug lets us see the most psychedelic Mario 2

Breaking the level editor

To activate the bug it seems that you have to enter a level with many doors near conveyor belts and an object that prevents the conveyor from taking you to the place that should take you. It seems that everything starts when Mario ends up in one place between one wall and another and the game thinks it's better to take you to another part of the level. The strange thing is that the game starts acting weird later.

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The players have already started to create memes as a result of this, in the video they can see here, the only edition is the Nintendo logos. The rest is as the game shows, the truth is that the images seem like a bad trip.

The creators of these levels warn that these levels should not attempt to be edited, or even force the bug situation since the game simply stops working and you have to turn off the console to continue playing. It should also be added that Nintendo usually clears these types of levels over time so if you decide to create a similar one, do not expect your masterpiece to last a long time online.

We leave you the original video of the bug where you can see the change of colors and filter more clearly and without editions.

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