this video of a robot doing gymnastics is real

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this video of a robot doing gymnastics is real

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We don't know how he gets it, but Boston Dynamics is able to surprise us with every new video he posts.

This startup specialized in robotics is one of the flags of the development of all types of robots, especially humanoids. The Atlas is the most famous of all, for demonstrating more and more "human" movements.

The last video published by the researchers has been a success, demonstrating their gymnastic abilities. I will be honest, I am not able to complete the movements that this robot makes without disheveled, and I have decades of experience with this body.

Boston Dynamics robots surprise again

The key to this development is that Atlas does not focus only on moving one or two limbs; It is capable of moving absolutely the whole body: the arms, legs and torso, all with the aim of doing the acrobatics without falling. And the best thing is that he succeeds.

In slow motion it is clearly seen how each body part is balanced as best as possible to avoid the breakdown, even in complex movements such as a jump in 360 degrees. The somersaults are already completely dominated, of course.


The naturalness of these movements is possible thanks to a new optimization algorithm, which transcribes the descriptions of each maneuver in movements. The important thing is that these movements follow a predictive model, which mixes the end of one movement with the beginning of the next. This also has the advantage of improving the success rate, which now stands at 80%.

In addition to these improvements for the Atlas, Boston Dynamics has also announced that the Spot, its "robotic dog" is already on sale; However, not everyone can get one. They are actually sold in "herds", to help in construction and other operations, to specific customers. The idea is to demonstrate its operation in real applications before opening sales worldwide.

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