This website will help you to create Apps without knowing how to program

by Kelvin
This website will help you to create Apps without knowing how to program

Who has not wanted, ever, develop your own mobile application? Or that you simply need to create an app and you don't have the knowledge to carry it out. This situation has occurred more than once. We usually ask a development team to carry it out. However, little by little, some publishers have become popular and make the task easier, saving costs and personnel.

There is also the possibility of putting the glove on projects such as, a mobile marketing platform that greatly facilitates the task of create an app for both Android and iPhone. It achieves it in a simple way as making available to users a complete editor thanks to which, in a few steps, it is possible to graphically design the features that the mobile application will have.


In the editor we discussed, it is not necessary to program, and we will not even be asked to have basic programming knowledge. Everything is done in a guided way and with instructions that simplify the task, carrying it out without technical knowledge.

The way works is quite simple: the platform offers us the possibility of creating the application thanks to its complete app builder. In the same We will define all the characteristics of the project, such as number of functionalities, the visual aspect of the app or the analysis of statistics that we will control.

In addition, they also have the possibility of implementing a Progressive Web App, or PWA which improves web browsing and web positioning through advanced technology that combines the best of Web pages and native Apps for Android or iPhone (iOS). A clear example is the one used by Forbes magazine, where they have managed to reduce the load time by 4 seconds compared to their responsive website.

When we have everything done, we simply tell the platform that approve our project, and the same We will be returned fully prepared to work on any compatible Android or iPhone device.

Keep in mind that, in addition, offers different types of templates which will allow us to further personalize the projects. We will just have to define the most specific characteristics.

And there is also a plan that will make a team of developers build the application for us., a configurable option according to the needs of our project.

Finally we have to mention an option that could be quite interesting. And is that allows us to become an application development company.

We just have to become platform resellers. Can you imagine contacting local businesses, making them your own mobile app and selling it, obtaining a more than interesting return?

After seeing the features offered by this editor, there is no doubt that This is an excellent option in case we need to create a mobile application and we don't have the knowledge to complete it. In addition, the plans offered include different types of technical and commercial assistance, which means that you will have at your disposal a team that will help you with any questions you may have.

The service is already found available, so we recommend you take a look and discover all the news that it can offer you.

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