This will be the dark mode of Instagram 1Android 10, the latest version of the system, has the highly acclaimed dark mode natively, a feature that most apps are already implementing. It is the case of Instagram, which is testing it in its latest Alpha version. As usual, the dark mode completely changes the interface of the application, which is no longer predominantly white to become a black background.


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The change is evident and it is intended to ensure that users of Instagram relax your view when using the social network, or simply to save battery. The dark mode of Instagram It has been seen in version, which is still in a very early stage. Therefore, for now there is no button to adjust this mode manually, but we have to control it from the general button itself on Android.

It should be noted that the deployment of this novelty is done from the server side. This means that although you have this version, you have no guarantee that you will have the dark mode enabled. In any case, if you want to try your luck and see if you can make use of the new function you will have to download the alpha version or higher. We recommend that you have a little patience and wait for the release of the final version, which could happen in the coming weeks.

Only then will you make sure that the dark mode works correctly, as do the rest of the app's functions. Instagram It is not the only application that has added the dark mode in its settings, Facebook Messenger also has it officially for Android since last April. To activate it you just have to follow two simple steps.

  1. Click on the image of your profile (in the upper left) and enter the settings.
  2. Next, activate the Dark mode option.

As soon as you activate the dark theme, the interface will change to black, which will help to save our terminal's battery, and that the panel does not dazzle us when we are writing in the dark or in poor light.

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