The dark mode in Android applications is something that in full 2019 should not be missing. Perhaps that is why manufacturers have hurried to update all their applications with this theme, which allows not to absorb so much light in dark environments and also save some battery when used on OLED screens. OLED screens do not turn on the pixels when the black color is displayed and that makes dark themes allow us to save some energy.


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One of the applications that is also preparing its dark theme is LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft. Researcher Jane Manchun Wong has discovered it and mentioned it in her blog. This new mode will allow you to check what your friends or co-workers do without the need for the screen to shine with the classic LinkedIn theme. The brightness is not too much and the blue light filters are increasingly common in mobile phones.

This will be the dark theme of LinkedIn

LinkedIn already has its dark theme ready for the Android mobile application. In fact, this topic already is present in the code although mortals still can't activate it. In the following image we leave you a capture of how this mode will be, which allows us to understand that they will not be around. Everything will be seen with a black background and in fact it reminds us a lot of the dark theme that Chrome is currently using on Android, with a totally sober and somewhat boring mix of colors.

This will be the dark theme of LinkedIn

Right now LinkedIn's dark mode is still in development phase and in fact it is a totally unstable version. Wong has been inquiring into the application code and has discovered that certain parts of the interface still cannot enable this dark mode. In fact, even the LinkedIn icon would change from classic blue to black and white.

LinkedIn will surely take prudential time to finalize the development and send the dark mode to the beta users of the application. Despite that, this indicates that soon we will have it available on our mobiles and every time a manufacturer launches it in its application we are glad a little more. If you are looking for apps that have the dark mode here are some that can already activate it.

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