The iPad are one of the most interesting devices that we can find in the products of Apple. The company of the bitten apple has endeavored to get a round product and for all the public with the different iPad models, the new iPad OS that will arrive this fall and the inclusion of some applications, such as Photoshop, that will work very similarly How they work on a computer. One of the applications that users ask for the most and what they most look for in the App Store is Whatsapp. The messaging application is not available for these devices, but will arrive very soon.


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Wabetainfo, a portal specialized in the messaging app belonging to Facebook, has revealed that WhatsApp for iPad is in development and will reach the devices soon. They have managed to access the application and show us some screenshots to see how their interface would be. The truth is that at the design level there are hardly any major changes. Yes, there is a difference in the mobile version, since the iPad has a larger screen. The application will have two main windows. On the left side we can see the list of all the chats with the contacts, while in the right area we will see the conversation, And that's where we can chat. The WhatsApp application for iPad also has a call section, a very interesting feature that would work even on Wi-Fi models, since it only requires an internet connection. The interface is very similar to that of the iPhone. On the other hand, we see how we can also apply states and change parameters in the app settings. In addition, it will support Face ID.

It will no longer be necessary to access WhatsApp Web

Actually, we can already use WhatsApp on the iPad, but only on the Web version. This forces us to have our mobile connected to a Wifi network and have the account synchronized. In addition to entering the browser to access WhatsApp. With this application it will not be necessary, since we can apply our telephone number. The application will allow you to put the same account on different devices, so we can synchronize it with our mobile. At the moment there is no exact release date. Given that it is almost ready, we could see it in the App Store later this year.

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