Threads: Facebook prepares competition for Snapchat. See how!

by Kelvin

In an attempt to compete with Snapchat, the Facebook is working on a new application called Threads. In practice it will allow users to share their status, location and other information with their closest friends.

Threads: Facebook prepares competition for Snapchat. See how!

This app will be developed as a complementary application for the Instagram, as reported by The Verge. In fact, it is intended to allow users to share information with their “close friends” list on Instagram.


Threads: Facebook prepares competition for Snapchat. See how! 2

This application is already being tested internally in Facebook, but the company declined to comment for the moment.

Meanwhile illustrated images of Threads, the new messaging application from Facebook and Instagram have already reached the Internet. Although not exactly captures of the application, some things are still quite visible. An example of this is automatic sharing between users and people on the “close friends” list in Instagram.

In fact, users will be able to opt for automatic sharing. So the App tells friends the location.

Apparently the Facebook chose not to allow the app to share users' locations in real time. Instead, he notifies friends that he is "on the move."

There is also an option that will allow Threads users to update their status manually. However, information sharing is only a minor issue as the core of the app remains the messaging system. All friend posts will appear in a central feed. However there will be green dots showing which of your friends are active.

Whenever one of your friends publishes a story on Instagram, we'll be able to see it in Threads. In addition, the app has a camera that allows users to capture photos and videos, which can be sent to close friends.

Unfortunately, it is not known when and if the Facebook will actually release threads to the general public. The internal test is designed to determine whether or not the application may be useful, so it will be some time before we can see it again; or not.

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