Threads, the app of Instagram to share states and location with your close friends

by Kelvin

Given the security issues that are currently happening, especially among young people who are returning home late, Instagram will add Threads to your application to be able Share status, location and battery level with your best friends.

All this private information can only be shared with the list of "Best Friends" that we have in Instagram. In this way, those who are within our list of close friends of Threads, They will be able to know in what exact place we are, what level of battery we have and if we are well or not.


There will be the option to share automatically, so, from time to time the information will be updated keeping the user informed and in contact with their close friends.

Threads will be a complementary application of Instagram, but that will work separately and basically it is a camera messaging app to send photos and videos, as well as the registration of private information such as battery status, location, etc.

Image - Threads, the app of Instagram to share states and location with your close friends

At the moment it is in the internal testing phase in Facebook, and it is expected that, before going out to the global market, maintain its essence, that is, that it is only A messaging application for close friends.

The information, supervised by the source of this article, shows captures where a instant messaging app product of a mix between WhatsApp, Instagram Y Facebook Messenger where you see a green pilot that shows which users are active, as well as actions and reactions very similar to those of social networks that are under the umbrella of Facebook.

For sure, Facebook It has been proposed to change the direction of its messaging applications and it seems that we are closer than ever to see the final result. At first they were just rumors, then the news poked its head between the pages of hundreds of websites that talked about the topic and finally it was Mark Zuckerberg himself who confirmed that he would integrate Instagram in Facebook Messenger

There are still a few weeks left to see the final result and the official launch of Threads, a complementary app of Instagram and that will serve to share status and location information with close friends. But despite all that is known so far, it would not be surprising that Threads never saw the light and the project was canceled.

What do you think of Threads? Do you think another messaging app is necessary? Do you think Threads will be WhatsApp competition?

Via: The verge