Threads, the message app of Instagram which copies back to Snapchat 1It will be for messaging applications. Today we have to present the nth, which by the way belongs to Facebook and that he wants to focus on exchanging messages between friends and closest people. It's called Threads and Mark Zuckerberg's company is fully immersed in its development.


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A development in which concepts are mixed and in which the philosophy and mechanisms of Instagram They are very present. Threads wants to function as a complementary application of Instagram, which allows users to share more intimate data, such as location, what they have left of battery and, logically, text messages, photos and videos, which can go through the creative filters that we already know of Instagram.

An application only for best friends

At present, Facebook You are testing the application, but only internally. In fact, Instagram He has not opened his mouth to confirm or deny anything. The little we know is that this application is designed to share things with the closest friends.

Although eye, it is not the first time the factory Facebook work on an application with this will: that the closest friends can share with tranquility what they want to share.

Since the end of 2017, Instagram I had been developing Direct, a messaging application with an independent vocation that complemented Instagram, but I wanted to work apart. The development ended last MayAfter those who tried it, argued that changing applications every time they wanted to send a private message was a real nuisance.

Threads, the message app of Instagram which copies back to Snapchat 2Threads, looking in the Snapchat mirror

If you thought this was a good idea, you may not have tried Snapchat, which is an application with which users can connect with your closest circle of friends in an agile way.

Probably looking at the Snapchat mirror has to do, to Instagram, with reports indicating that users spend more time inside Snapchat than in Instagram. Thus, it is not strange that Facebook go for all to get a similar application, although it works independently, to undermine the interest that many still deposit on Snapchat.

However, they will not be the first to try. In 2014 already appeared a application called Status I wanted to do the same and another that did the same in 2015.

Threads, the message app of Instagram which copies back to Snapchat 3A constant exchange of messages

There is not much information, much less official, about the application in question. The Verge media has had access to some screenshots of the tool, from which it can be deduced that the Threads is a tool designed to promote constant exchange – and automatic, eye – of content among users of Instagram which can be considered closer.

There will be different options to share instantly and automatically, provided that the user has so decided. And while exact locations will not be shared, it can be indicated that a person is moving or moving somewhere.

The statuses can be updated manually and will appear in the main message feed, achieving status exchanges with just one touch.

As for the messenger, it seems that this will be very similar to the one that currently already works privately in Instagram. The messages of the friends are located in the central part and those that are connected will be indicated with a green button.

Recent stories can also be viewed from Threads and direct access to the camera will be included, so that photos can be taken and sent to the closest friends quickly and directly.

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