Threads: the nth attempt to Facebook to compete with Snapchat and unfold Instagram

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Threads: the nth attempt to Facebook to compete with Snapchat and unfold Instagram

Facebook It has no problems when creating complementary applications that do almost the same as the original application. He did it with Messenger of FacebookBoomerang of Instagram, and would be in plans to repeat a similar strategy, with the cannons pointing directly towards Snapchat.

As we read in The Verge, the company is working on 'Threads', a messaging application designed to share in real time the location, states, battery of your phone and others. The objective? That users spend more time within Instagram.

A new bullet, straight to the heart of Snapchat


Threads is in the testing phase according to The Verge, with a view to competing with Snapchat. The data indicates that, at the user level, Instagram far exceeds this service, but there is a point that has not been overcome, the time within the application. Although the number of users of Instagram is greater, Snapchat manages to retain users more time within the application, something with which Facebook He wants to compete.

Facebook It aims to increase the time in application. Threads relies on live content to retain the user, with constant updates on its location, battery status and, of course, direct messaging


Real-time status updates, location information, battery status, etc. Pure 'live' content, constantly updated, and encouraging users to share this data with their friends. In addition to this, the messenger itself would be the protagonist of Threads, which includes, depending on the source, camera functions to share multimedia with our contacts.

Past tests raise doubts about Threads

Instagram  apps

Time is responsible for demonstrating whether an application has worked or not, and each and every attempt of Facebook to unfold Instagram they have not done it. In last May, the company had to stop working at Direct, the application with which it intended to separate the messaging from Instagram (as he did with the Messenger of Facebook).

None of the attempts to Facebook for attracting the public of Instagram with secondary applications that do what we can already do in Instagram It has worked

Similarly, we find in the Play Store two other applications of Instagram, Layout and Boomerang. Your state? They are abandoned, have not been updated since 2018, and the number of users is noticeably lower than that of Instagram. Finally, we can talk about the application of Instagram TV which has just over a million downloads, a very poor figure if we compare it with the over one billion downloads of Instagram.

Instagram Stories is one of the main bastions of Instagram, with more than 500 million daily users. Trying to move this base to a second application (as you have tried with the other apps) can be a complicated movement, although it is necessary to wait with caution to see what Threads will really offer.

Via | The verge

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