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Now we carry almost all our photos on mobile. When they are not directly on our cell phone, they are in some online storage services like Google Photos or something similar, but not before. The photos went from the photographic roll to the paper and were there, ready to be stored in an album. A practice that is maintained today even though it is much more minority.

Actually, before we had one or two shots when we can now take as many photos as we want without adding costs, older photos are very valuable, but we can scan them to pass them into the digital world. Take photos on photo paper so you don't lose them. Store it, for example, in the cloud and for this we can use specific applications for this scanning task.


Photos from Google PhotoScan

We can start this build by talking about the owner of the operating system application where we are. Google with its FotoScan, which also has a artificial intelligence (What algorithm of machine learning) that will guide us through the process, which is actually quite simple.

We just have to focus on the photo we want to scan or the photo and take the first capture. Then the application places four circles on it, so we must focus on the screen to take more additional photos and combine them, eliminates glare. The results, as you can see in the screenshot, are amazing.

Photos from Google PhotoScan

Photos from Google PhotoScan

Quisquee – Photo Scan, Photo Editor


Under this strange name we have an application that does its job quite well, even though it doesn't do much to improve its results. However, this operation is quite simple because we only need to shoot and frame The app does not repair minor defects. that we can have on the edge due to the inclination.

As we said, the operation is simple. This application shows us the image of the camera to focus the photo to be scanned and the touch of the camera is used to take it. Then there are dots at the corners that we can move to adjust the contours and the app straightens to deliver an image that is really square or square. The problem is that, if we fail something on one side, the application does not repair or warn us, and the interface is not optimized to see what is under our own fingers, which complicates the framing. However, we can go back and rethink if we want. Simple

Photo scanning, photo editor - Quisquee

Photo scanning, photo editor – Quisquee

  • Price: Free (shopping offers)
  • Developer: CJSVM
  • Download at: Google play

Photo scanner

The scanner

A simple name for a simple application that, like Quisquee, doesn't help us much. But once again we have pretty intuitive operation allowing us to take photos, place angles to cut and bring the final image to our mobile gallery.

By itself, this application offers us to choose between several camera applications that we have installed (if there are several) and only focus and take photos. Then we have the reformulation phase, with an array whose angles we can drag up to where we want the piece to be applied. Then we just have to click "Crop" and voila, the photos available to be stored in the gallery. But, as in Quisquee, our own fingers do not allow us to see the angles correctly and the process can be time consuming.

Photo scanner

Photo scanner

Share three of the best apps to scan photos with your mobile device and save forever

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