Do not be scared if, shortly, in addition to your viral videos and most striking creations you find all kinds of products you can buy on TikTok. Of course, they are not products of the creators of TikTok who try to make their August, but elements related to challenges or challenges promoted. All this without having to leave the application to go shopping at the website of the brand of turn. A new e-commerce technique that seems to have a place in this application.


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In this way, according to TechCrunch, young adults and teenagers who use the application will begin to encounter Hashtag Challenge Plus, which is what this new purchase function is called within TikTok. The key is to associate the products of a store with a hashtag or label that has been promoted. That is, to be part of a marketing campaign. In this way, in addition to publicizing a product through a viral challenge, you can also buy and sell products related to the campaign through TikTok.

Thus, when you click on a hashtag or tag to see more videos related to the challenge or challenge, a new tab appears on TikTok. Is called Discover, and offers a series of brand products that have launched the campaign through Hashtag Challenge Plus. All this being able to carry out the purchase of them in the application of videos, with an adapted version of the web of purchase of the brand in question to fit with the experience of the application and the mobile.

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In this way, taking advantage of one of these viral campaigns in which TikTok users showed the best face of their bedrooms, brands like Kroger have paid to your youngest products appear next to the #transformUrDorm tag (transform your bedroom) as an excuse to give another touch to your rooms.

At the moment no similar campaign has been seen in Spain. But it's only a matter of time before the Hashtag Challenge Plus service arrives to stay and monetize brand efforts through TikTok campaigns. Something that, for now, has only begun to roll in the United States. But that aspires to be the way to get direct income in the same way that Instagram has introduced the possibility of link products that appear in photos directly to the purchase pages of the different brands that are present in the social network.

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