TikTok: the parent company Byte Dance sanctioned by China

by Kelvin
Tik Tok, it's already 2 billion downloads | Geek Diary

ByteDance has been ordered by the Chinese authorities to remove certain features from its telework application. The Cyberspace Administration of China has ordered Byte Dance to withdraw its Feishu Office tool for one month. It was used for the distribution of publications from social networks banned in the country as Facebook or Twitter.

Once again, TikTok is in turmoil. More specifically, its parent company Byte Dance is the subject of a temporary suspension of its activities. Chinese regulators have ordered the company to prevent the download of its telework application for one month – that looks like Slack – Feishu. A decision that results from the presence of publications from banned sites in China such as Facebook or Twitter. Last month, Byte Dance already removed the newsfeed functionality, which is responsible for sharing that content. A decision that will heavily impact the development of the application, which has been a resounding success since the start of containment in China. Informants from Bloomberg, who wish to remain anonymous, do not yet know when the government’s decision will take effect. ByteDance will need to take steps to prevent the dissemination of content from Facebook and Twitter. The application is however still available in Japan, says The Verge. This is not the first time that the firm has been forced to close one of its applications on the orders of Beijing. In 2018, she had to remove her joke sharing tool Neihan Duanzi after regulators denounced the vulgarity of content on the platform.

Internationally too, TikTok’s success is far from unanimous. US law has launched an investigation to investigate suspicion of spying that weigh on the popular app among young people. Senators have said it could be exploited by Chinese intelligence, and that it “Represents a major risk to the security of the American people”. To show off, the Byte Dance branch then announced that it would open a “transparency” in Los Angeles.


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