Tim Cook donates more than 23,000 shares worth $ 5 million

by Kelvin
Tim Cook donates more than 23,000 shares worth $ 5 million

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has always been a faithful defender of LGBT rights, participant in a multitude of talks, presentations and exhibitions. In addition, throughout his career in Apple He has donated to different associations such as the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. The commitment of the current CEO continues and we know that he has donated close to 24,000 shares for a value of 5 million dollars to charities. At the moment, we don't know what those associations are or what relationship they have had or may have with Tim Cook. With this transaction Tim Cook owns more than 850,000 shares of the big apple.


$ 5 million shares donated by Tim Cook

Apple It is committed not only with charitable associations but also with the eventual events that occur around the world: earthquakes, tsunamis, fires … In the case of the fires that are occurring in the Amazon, executives of the Big Apple confirmed that they were going to donate resources to fight fires that span that region of South America. However, experts say that these two resource movements by Apple they are not connected.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has confirmed the transaction made by the CEO of Apple. It is a transfer of 23,700 shares of its general calculation of 878,549 shares. With this transaction, Tim is left with 854,849 shares amounting to tens of millions of dollars. The appraisal of the transferred shares amounts to almost 5 million dollars, taking into account that the current price per share is 208.7 dollars.

According to SEC sources (United States Securities and Exchange Commission), this movement by Tim Cook is aimed at charities, like the Robert F. Kennedy Center, which has already received other donations from the current CEO of the Big Apple. It seems that this donation movement happens year after year since last year in August, about 5 million dollars were also donated to a charity whose name and description is unknown.

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