Tim Cook says iPhone SE is faster than the fastest smartphones Android

by Kelvin

Two weeks ago, Apple presented the new iPhone SE 2020. Like its predecessor launched in 2016, this device is a compact smartphone, but also affordable. If the price is lower than that of an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, it is because the iPhone SE 2020 has a more modest technical data sheet. However, like the iPhone launched by Apple in September 2019, the new iPhone SE is equipped with an A13 Bionic chip.

And obviously, it is on this component thatApple wants to bet to differentiate the iPhone SE from others smartphones mid-range offered by manufacturers of Android devices, such as Xiaomi or Samsung.

A component that makes all the difference?

As reported by the 9to5Mac site, when the Cupertino firm’s quarterly results were announced, Tim Cook was asked about forecasts for sales of the iPhone SE 2020 in specific regions. And the boss ofApple responded that it expects the iPhone SE 2020 to sell well in all geographic areas, but that the device should sell even better in countries with lower median incomes. Tim Cook would also expect the iPhone SE 2020 to convince many Android users to switch to iOS. Why ? , did he declare.


A few days ago, we also related the opinion of a media specialized in smartphones Android, which admitted that the iPhone SE 2020 performs better than high-end Android models, thanks to the A13 Bionic chip.

But of course, if the mid-rangeApple has the same processor as the premium iPhone, the device has many shortcomings in other areas. For example, while most smartphones mid-range have multiple cameras on the back, the iPhone SE 2020 only has one. In addition, this model has a somewhat old-fashioned design, and its screen is an LCD while models sold at the same price already use OLED technology.

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