TimeTree, a shared calendar for the whole family

by Kelvin

The back to school, the return to work, extracurriculars, meetings, academies. September is a chaos and much more when you not only have to move forward with your schedules but also those of your children, those of your family. In that case, the best option is bet on a family calendar With which you can easily organize.

In recent days we are recommending some applications that will make your life easier for September. Discover interesting apps that you can have on your smartphone and that are really useful.

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Download TimeTree for Android

There are many calendar applications that will make your life easier and that of Google is one of the most recommended. But beyond a simple calendar, today we bring you a shared calendar to use with your children or with your partner. That way you will know when they are home or not, when you have a meeting at school, when there is a championship, when you play football on Sundays or when you have a birthday. It's complicated, it's a mess but TimeTree makes it much easier.

A calendar for the whole family

TimeTree is a free application that has won awards for being completely useful. It has 15 million users and allows you to have multiple calendars in one. Home, your children's or work. Everyone can add events and at a glance you will have an idea of ​​what is happening every day.

You can access your personal calendar but at a glance you will also know the activities of others. In addition, there are shared notes that all users can see and so you can perfectly plan tasks at home. Another of the very interesting functions is that reminders can be forwarded to everyone in the group so that no one forgets. For example, "Saturday lunch at the grandparents' house, do not make plans" and nobody forget the date, time and place.

Another option that TimeTree allows you is Make a shopping list. If you all need something in particular, the application allows you to add it as a common list and thus the person in charge of making the purchase that week or that day, will know what is needed.

Timetree Family CalendarTimetree Family Calendar

For the school and the institute

Now that September returns, it is difficult to face parent meetings, extracurricular activities, exams, excursions, football matches, judo championships, birthdays of friends and colleagues. It is easy for each of your children to have access from their mobile or tablet to TimeTree and so you will know when there are activities that interest you. It's perfect to organize academic life, for them to organize but also for you to know when they have an exam.

For couples

And if you don't have children but you want organize with your partner, another very interesting option. For example, you can write down the work meetings to be able to organize the plans together. Or the shifts and schedules to know when you can see and when not, when you can take a place to go to the movies or when to buy. A very useful application that today we recommend you install to face the routine.

Timetree calendarTimetree calendar