Tinder will let you make video calls before the end of the year

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Tinder will let you make video calls before the end of the year

It is not known if this coronavirus period will have influenced in any way, but between now and the end of the year the application will implement the possibility of moving from chat to video calls with users that have been contacted.

TInder is one of the applications most used by young people and for many people the preferred way to find a partner or have relationships. This popular Match Group application has managed to outperform the competition and succeed in recent years thanks to its easy use and having fit perfectly into the mindset of many people. But now is going to make an important change: video calls.

This novelty has been announced in the company’s earnings report Owner of several Match Group contacts applications, although the advanced details have been insignificant about when the calls can be made or their characteristics.

As discussed in The Verge, video calls will involve a big challenge for Tinder, not only because of the amount of data it will move because of the millions of users it has around the planet, but also because of the way it will try to avoid offensive behaviors.

Anyway, this way of contact will change the use of the application in several aspects. On the one hand will give more security by staying and who will be contacted with certainty will be known, since it will solve the problem of photos that do not conform to reality or are false. It will also avoid the idealization that is made of the person from a photograph, with the video you can get to know the other user better.


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Despite the pandemic, or thanks to it, the use of these applications has increased considerably. Users cannot meet, but they can give and chat, and it seems that confinement has led to many spending more time on the app.

This implementation of video calls between Tinder users will arrive at the end of the year, as announced by the company, although it has been avoided to give a specific date. Surely the use of the social network changes, we will see if it drives it or causes a migration to other options.

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