Tinder will soon launch its own erotic series

by Kelvin
Tinder will soon launch its own erotic series

After the launch of “Facebook Dating ”, the actions of Tinder They fell 6 percent in the bag. A bitter drink that the famous dating applications intends to overcome by betting fully on the world of entertainment. Soon, in addition to flirting, you will see enjoy the first exclusive series of the application.

The portal Variety reported that a few days ago the filming of the Tinder series culminated, which It consists of 6 episodes. The story, whose name is unknown at the moment, offers viewers a world near the end. "Who would you spend the last day of your life with," is the guiding question of this mobile series.


The development of the story will depend on the user, since it is about An interactive story. HWhen using the displacements from right (Like) to left (I don't like) you can select the content to follow. Of course, being an exclusive Tinder product, there will be a lot of eroticism at play.

For the success of this new venture, Tinder hired director Karena Evans, known for directing the Drake videos, and invested a total of 5 million dollars. Mexico City is one of the natural settings where the series was filmed.

The series will help you with your “Matchs”

Tinder will soon launch its own erotic series 2

"Project X", as the series is known in the Tinder corridors, will not only entertain the users of the application, but also help them make appointments. An algorithm will analyze the choices made in the interactive series, compare them with those of other results and suggest profiles.

Thus, the erotic Tinder series is a kind of camouflaged "Test." An entertaining way to continue collecting user preferences, who are usually reluctant to fill out forms. If you wonder How long will it take to complete the test series, then a little more than 2 hours. The episodes are short.

There is no official date for the launch of the first Tinder series, which can be enjoyed only in your app. The Match Group, company that owns the application, for the moment it reserves all the details of its new project.

However, some internet portals speculate that the Tinder series can be seen from October. We will have to wait for confirmation from the dating application.

A study states that Tinder disadvantages men


As a final comment, we inform you about a curious study that was done on Tinder. The result of the same completely disadvantaged men, as it indicates that they lose their time with the application; Tinder is designed only for women to stand out.

According to the site Medium, if you compare the dynamics of the app with a socioeconomics, where the likes have a monetary value, the men are the lower class and the women of the upper class; They have all to gain. This is because, statistically, it is men who grant more likes.

"The distribution of wealth is not equitable," highlights the portal, arguing that sonly 12 percent of women give a “like” in the application. The lucky few are those who fall into the category of "Super attractive", which is not common within Tinder.

To this is added that the application encourages its users to move to the Premium option to get more chances of linking. An effort in vain, according to the published study.

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