Tiny Time Traveler is a retro platform in which to travel through time

by Kelvin
Tiny Time Travellers

Tiny Time Travelers is an old-fashioned platform which is really characterized by posing as different times. What achieves several well-worked environments and thus go through those locations that have been important in human history.

That is, we can go through the Ancient Egypt, Medieval England, Ancient Greece or Korea of ​​the year 2049. A passage through time through a platform that uses the most iconic elements of a large number of games.


Don't jump on the enemies

If we say most iconic elements, we refer to that design of the levels or those jumps that are not missing. Yes we highlight the use of our gun and it will not have infinite ammunition, but we will have to look for more charges in order to shoot the enemies that we will find wandering around the different times.

Tiny Time Travelers

But what stands out in Tiny Time Travelers are its different levels over time and those locations that recreate Ancient Egypt or that Medieval England. All those levels with their details and their enemies to go back to those times when there were supposed to be mummies or that we could find the same Jack the Ripper.

It's basically a platform that invites us to explore every corner of the level to find treasures and get updates of the mini blaster with which we can avoid and eliminate the different enemies that populate this platform.

Travel through time on Tiny Time Travelers

With 3 life points we will have to work our jumps to avoid returning to the beginning of the level. And here we can't jump on enemies. Almost a mandatory move when we start a platform and see those dragonflies swarming the platforms; yes, it has happened to us, we have jumped on them and we have died.

Tiny Time Travelers

Tiny Time Travelers

And be careful not to fall before those dragonflies or skeletons, since you will find the first unexpected publicity as who does not want the thing. Just after, when we return to the welcome screen, another advertisement is cleverly located where we usually put our big toe when we take the phone, so you can see another one.

So we meet the most negative part of a well carried out platforms, although with its limitations, when presenting so much publicity in a matter of two games. A freemium game that shows from the first moment and that in a matter of minutes presents us with several ads to almost go to uninstall it.


Yes, uninstall it because there isn't something that distances it from other titles which at least allow us to play a few minutes without seeing an ad. And it also has active advertising when we are playing. We wanted to let you go through these parts to show what should not be done with freemium and we recommend that you practically uninstall this type of games with so much publicity.

Travel in time

Technically not bad, but it has many limitations. Nothing would have happened if the fund they would have put it with parallax effect so that the depth played positively his cards to create another effect on the player. It has too many similarities to another hundred platforms that we have in the Play Store. The sound of the game, although it wants to evoke other times, comes to squeak, especially in the shots.

A freemium called Tiny Time Travelers that stays far away than I expected and that with that advertising not only forces us to move on from it, but also be a clear example of how not to launch a game to the Play Store. The only thing they are going to get is to cram the Android games and apps store with hundreds of bad quality titles and very bad ethics. Now we hope that new generations understand that you can not play this type of games and you have to bet on the premium titles such as Stranger Things 3.

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