Tip: Confirm that you are really spending a lot of data with WhatsApp

by Kelvin
WhatsApp gastar dados ficheiros estatísticas

WhatApp is already much more than a messaging service. THE Facebook It has been able to improve its proposal and make it a broad platform for almost universal file sharing and communications.

Of course you use the Internet for data sharing. This leads users to consume data from their plans which in some cases assumes very high values. If you think you are spending a lot of data on WhatsApp, simply check it out.


WhatsApp spend data statistical files

Sending and receiving files or making a simple call on WhatsApp comes at a cost to you. We are not talking about money but about data, which is often based on users' plans. Knowing how much data you have consumed is simple in WhatsApp.

Get to WhatsApp Statistics

This is information that WhatsApp stores and can be consulted quickly and easily. Start by opening the app menu in the 3 dashes shown in the upper right corner, where you should choose the option Definitions.

WhatsApp spend data statistical files WhatsApp spend data statistical files

Next, in the top WhatsApp picklist, you should look for the entry Data and storage. This is present and must be selected to proceed with querying the data you are spending.

How are you spending data on this service

On the next screen you should see a summary of the data consumed at the top. Here, too, as seen, the storage space occupied by the received files. Then choose the option Utilization Statistics.

WhatsApp spend data statistical files Tip: Confirm that you are really spending a lot of data with WhatsApp 1

It is now that you can see in detail how data consumption has been done over time. They have detailed information by type of use, whether it's calls or files received in conversations.

Whenever they want they can clear this data and start a new count. This way they can know if they are smartly spending data or should configure this app to be more measured.

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