Tips to Block SPAM on Android

by Kelvin

Before the spam it came to us through emails, now arrives in all possible ways. Even with notifications with ads that indicate an offer or what they want to communicate. If you don't want more spam on your mobile Android, send it to whoever sends it, we will tell you how block SPAM of these notifications so that they do not reach you.

Forget about having to endure advertising all your life just by using web pages, applications, games or whatever you want. You can now decide if you want to see ads or not.


How to block SPAM from apps and browsers

Most notifications usually come from applications, and now you can block them. If you see one application notification that you don't like, you make a long touch on it and you can disable it or stop notifications. This blocks all notifications that are of the type you just received. But you may still receive more notifications, so you will have to do the same in this case.

Yes you don't want any notification of a specific application, you can block them absolutely all. You can click on the icon until the information menu of the specific Android application, give notifications and uncheck the box. Now the app You can no longer send notifications to your mobile.

Among the main Android tips that we must highlight, we are without a doubt with these to eliminate notifications in apps, but we must also know how to do it in the web browser and also in annoying phone calls.

Delete notifications in your Android web browser

They can also reach you notifications from your web browser, since many web pages usually ask for permission to send notifications and you will have said yes if necessary. You can change that in the browser settings.

In the case of Google Chrome, notifications can be disabled from Chrome settings in the notifications section. There you see the Android settings in this case and use the switch to disable these notifications on the specific page.

Can you do something similar in different browsers that you may be using for that purpose. For example, in Samsung you have to enter settings, websites and downloads, show website notifications and disable it.

Another thing you should know is that Opera It is a browser that already has adblocker or ad blocker, so you won't have to configure anything if you browse from it. It is also free. There's also apps to block internet ads, so it won't be for options.

To block spam of calls

For Block the spam of phone calls, there are different applications that block calls, and even identify suspicious calls helping us to block them. Your databases are constantly updated. Also on the phone itself you can block SPAM of certain calls at any time.

This little Android tutorial can help you know how block SPAM depending on your needs and requirements. Do you think we have forgotten something?

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