Tips to correctly use wireless charging on your mobile

by Kelvin
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Although it's nothing new in the industry, wireless charging has taken a lot of strength in the last times. Now it is easy for a premium mid-range smartphone to incorporate this technology, and it is rare not to see it in the most powerful and recent top of the market. Although technology exists even since the days of the old Nokia Lumia, the temporary vacuum that wireless charging has experienced makes it something new for many users.


That is why today we wanted to review what we can or cannot do when we charge our smartphone wirelessly. Charging can be done from a dock compatible with our mobile, or from any compatible surface such as special tables or even the dashboard of some cars. However, like we have to be careful With traditional chargers, the same happens with wireless charging.

Tips for wireless charging

First and to optimize the charging process to the maximum, it is advisable to place the smartphone in the center of the charging platform. Likewise, there should be no foreign objects, such as metal objects, magnets or cards with magnetic strips between the mobile device and the platform. It is also important that the back of the mobile and the charger are clean and free of dust, that is, particles of particles that can interfere negatively in the process loading If our terminal is also compatible with reverse charging, that is, it can charge other devices, the last tip also applies to other devices.

Galaxy  S10 charging wirelessly

Original charger

Although there are many compatible chargers, it is always recommended use the official offered by the manufacturer of your mobile, since it has been optimized and tested on your own model, so that even security is more guaranteed than with third-party products. Also remember that a protective case could prevent the charging process, so it is advisable to remove the case from the smartphone. Finally, remember that if a wall charger is connected, the wireless charging will be automatically disconnected in most cases, so it is advisable to disconnect the charging platform when it is not in use.