Tips to Improve Privacy by Disabling Mobile Permissions

by Kelvin
Отключение мобильных разрешений

Disable mobile permissions

At this point in the film, we can say that the battle for privacy is lost. Our mobile addiction forces us to accept permissions as if tomorrow weren’t coming. While we try to keep these permissions under control, if we want to use certain apps, we will have to go through many of their terms and conditions, which sometimes involve the transfer of our data or usage habits to third parties. However, there are other types of permissions that we can control and deactivate on our mobile phone to improve our privacy.

All of these alternative permissions in many cases refer to free transfer of data, habits, statistics or diagnoses. In theory, this data is controlled by our mobile phone manufacturer or service provider and is only used to improve or detect future failures. However, if we want to heal ourselves with health and get an additional plus of privacy, the best option may be to turn them all off. In addition, unlike application permissions, deactivating these permissions does not affect the operation of our terminal or limit its functions.


Alternative permissions to disable

Keyboard usage statistics

Automatically submit keyboard usage statistics to Google? ‘ No thanks. Depending on the mobile phone, this option can be found in advanced settings although we can also search in the settings panel by typing “Share” to find the feature. Privacy lovers will turn off this box, which will not affect the operation of the terminal in any way if we turn it off.

Tips to Improve Privacy by Disabling Mobile Permissions 5

Share analytics data

In the example, we see an example from Huawei mobile, but this is what we find in many other devices. Option “Share Analysis Data” aims to improve the interfaces (SDKs and APIs) used by third-party applications by providing information about usage data for those interfaces. The statement that we can read about this option guarantees that all data will be sent encrypted, under no circumstances to companies, etc. Etc., That is, it is better to deactivate.

Tips to Improve Privacy by Disabling Mobile Permissions 6

Usage and diagnostics

This box is easy to find in many Android dispersants. When enabled, Google will collect diagnostic and usage data for the device and apps. , with the idea of ​​”improve battery life, application stability and system.” It is also mentioned that it can help Android developers improve their products and applications. This is another field that will allow us to heal ourselves by disabling it, without any changes in terms of the use or performance of our terminal.
Tips to Improve Privacy by Disabling Mobile Permissions 7

Custom Advertising ID

It will be impossible to get rid of ads in many applications. However, the field “Disable ad personalization” prevent third parties from getting information about our habits , tastes or preferences stored in our so-called advertising ID. If we uncheck this checkbox, we see generic ads, which means unchecking the checkbox works.

Tips to Improve Privacy by Disabling Mobile Permissions 8

Online and app activity

On an Android device, you need to “sign in” with a Google account for many Google services to work properly. However, in the Google account settings that we find on our mobile. If we are suspicious of privacy, we will have to turn off the option “Actions on the Internet and applications” … This will prevent our activity from being saved on websites and applications by Google. Chrome browser history and site activity will also not be saved. In addition, the activity log, which we keep using mobile applications, will be deactivated.

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