Tips to know "Who is online in WhatsApp"

by Kelvin

WhatsApp is an application that revolutionized the world of text messaging and calls. A large number of people on the planet make use of it; However, when using this app many people ask “Who is online on whatsApp”

There are many methods you can use to know when a person you want to write to is connected in the quick messaging application. Here are some tricks that will facilitate the answer.


Tricks that will help you know “who is online on whatsApp”

First you must download “Whatscope”, a totally free application where you have to select in your contact list the name of the contact you want to know if it is “online” and you will immediately receive a notification when the person is connected.

If you did not succeed with this trick, you can also follow the following steps:

You must open your app and select the conversation of the person with whom you want to talk or check the option "Choose contact" to start a new chat. Then you must press the contact's name and you will see how a conversation appears with that person.

If you had a conversation with the person before, then you can see the history of the messages.

To know who is online in WhatsApp, basically you have to see at the top of the screen of your Smartphone and just below the name of the contact you can see a line of text that says “online” if you are connected.

Whatsapp online

If at that precise moment the person is sending you something, you can also read “writing” or “recording audio”. Otherwise, you will only see a line of text that says “last. time… ”which indicates when your contact’s last connection was in the app. Remember that if the other person or you has active privacy methods, you will not be able to know when that person was last connected.

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