Tired of the Google Assistant? Steps to disable it

by Kelvin
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The Google assistant It is a very useful tool for many, but there are those who prefer that it is not working on your smartphone or tablet with operating system of Mountain View company. We indicate how this is achieved in a simple and effective way.

The truth is that achieving this is not especially complex and, best of all, does not endanger any the operation of the terminal in question, since despite being an important option … it is not essential in the development of Google. In addition, if at any given time you regret what you have done, activating the voice assistant again is completely possible (you just have to follow the steps that we are going to indicate, but enable the function).


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By the way, an excellent detail: to do what is necessary to disable the Google assistant, it is not necessary to install any software on the Android device, since by default everything necessary is included in the phone or tablet.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

This is what has to be done on a computer with the development of Google so that the assistant has been integrated for a while by signing on Android stop working and, therefore, that it does not recognize the voice and, in addition, that the inflation cards stop appearing. It is these steps:

  • Open the Settings of your phone or tablet
  • Now look for the section called Google that you will find in the list and use the option The search, the assistant and Voice
  • At this moment you have to enter Assistant of Google (you will see on the left its representative icon)
  • In the new screen that appears enter the section Assistant from the upper and lower zone until you locate the device you are configuring (you could do this for all those assigned to your account)
  • The first option you'll see is a slider called Google Assistant It will be activated. Disable this and then the tool we are talking about will stop this functional
  • You will have finished

Don't be so aggressive, just avoid the OK Google command

It is possible that what you are looking for is simply that when you say this, the Google Assistant does not open, and this it is also possible simply by accessing the configuration of the tool in the Android operating system. To achieve this, do the following:

  • Enter the application Google that you will see in the list of the ones you have on your device
  • Now in the lower right, you should use the option Plus
  • On the screen that appears use the option Settings and then to Voice
  • Review these options and disable all of them so that the OK Google command is functional: Access with voice matching, Unlock with voice matching and While driving
  • Done this, you're done

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